Rojdu Peter Velvet Purple purple temptation limited edition watch

Rojdu and Velvet Purple purple temptation limited edition watch

< p > watch charm comes from where? Charming appearance, precision mechanical device, and an elegant temperament? Velvet purple watch a combination of all three. The excellent characteristics in a body,, bright, eye-catching. This wristwatch with elegant,, bold and mysterious atmosphere in the new stage of watches and clocks show thousands of style, highlight the absolute elegant charm. Precious materials and gems to create dazzling colors mix of style, through the mirror shine, a limited edition of 188 pieces.

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Geneva spirit perfusion limited edition of 188 gold watches every detail. Dial via Ukraine stereo digital PVD coating time scales show well-proportioned three-dimensional beauty. Central dial matte black paint highlight the Roger Dubuis rogeris brand identity, the outer ring of the black satin bright side trim lines,, and shape tall purple Roman numerals formed contrast. Changes of light and shadow and bright hue, more make the strap of interwoven light and dark mystery.

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Rojdu and Velvet Purple purple temptation limited edition watch


amethyst ring with light transform dancing graceful ballet. Like empty bubbles, they shine bright luster, as if to penetrate buried in the depths of the secret! Watch the whole paragraph, Yi Yi is unripe brightness, light has been extended to the surface of the black titanium metal watchcase. Gems and time to play, the ear is fixed on the table are connected with the strap connecting piece,, so as to fit the wrist watch. As a valuable bridge between case and strap, the interface design reflects a bold design and features of Velvet series. Crown on a single black spinel is Lenovo to beat in the watch body movement: entirely by the watch factory designed and RD R & D and production of 821 type automatic chain mechanical movement.

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