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Nicholas: the memory of the time (upper)


in nineteenth Century, the French royal palace nobles keen on horse racing. Which included the French king Philippe Louis in early nineteenth Century. The king of France is not only interested in horse racing, but also because he can not accurately record the results of the horse racing. In order to accurately record the horse racing time,, the king of France ordered let Royal watchmaker Nicolas Rieussec development timing equipment.

< p > prior to this, Europe has been the emergence of some timing equipment, such as the famous British watchmaker George Graham clockwork timer, and Swiss design has independent second mechanical device. These timers can be recorded at a specific time, but there is a serious problem – the accuracy of the record.

MontBlanc Nicholas series: the memory of the hard time (on)

< p > 40 Nicolas Rieussec, 20 years ago in Paris Ile de la cite began her career as a watch and learn to was the most outstanding watchmaker watchmaking technology. In 1817, he was appointed as a royal watchmaker. After receiving the mission of the French royal family,, Rieussec Nicolas began to develop their own timing equipment. After repeated trials, the 1821 Rieussec Nicolas in Paris, the God of war in the horse racing activities to show their own time device. Placed in a rectangular wooden box design of Nicolas Rieussec this timing equipment, apparatus and the surface embedded in the second minute, two timing rotary disc, in the middle of the two gold dial fixed an ink needle. Different from the majority of the time table, the Rieussec timing device does not rotate the pointer, the opposite is the dial with a constant speed of rotation. When need time, press time button, two dial the ink needle will be down to touch timing rotary disc, and in the top left of the ink, in order to record a specific time.

Europe and timing device of < p > Rieussec early in the pens are very similar, when the pen is out of ink,, the squeezing force so that the ink set aside. This is horse racing history first timekeeper do not need at the moment of each horse breasted the tape while taking into account the timekeeping instrument, and can accurately record the race results. And such a time method has become the first time in the history of writing technology, Rieussec and even "writing time" in the title to name the "time table" (chronograph). The Chronos and graphein in Greek is the writing time and the mean,
Breitling Watches, and the era of a new writing time also from Nicolas Rieussec open.

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