Fashion brand watches and clocks into the center stage [figure] _ _ watch watch small knowledge _ fa

Chanel ceramic watch

< p > low price, accurate travel time, easy to maintenance of quartz movement have an impact on the traditional watchmaking industry at the same time,
Tag Heuer Watches, but also lower the threshold of the watch industry. But there is no independent movement,, the watch will seem shallow,, in addition to talk about the design and not too much to talk about things, of course, also entered the mainstream can not watch market.

Dior diamond watch

< p > tasted the sweetness of the watch industry’s top fashion brands obviously also wants to have a certain right to speak in the watch industry, or they are and top brands to launch a professional watches, or is through the acquisition of small Swiss watch factory was established its own tab base began to independently develop the movement, step by step to professional watchmaking industry to enter.

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