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mechanical mechanical vibration system such as timing instrument, pendulum clock,, balance. Its working principle is the use of a period of constant, continuous vibration of the vibration system, the vibration of the vibration cycle times by the number of times, it is equivalent to the time, time = vibration cycle × vibration frequency. By train, energy, escapement, vibration system, pointer mechanism and additional mechanism etc.. Force of a spring or a heavy hammer,topwatchbest, when provided mechanical clock work energy,Breitling Watches, through the growth rate of the gear train that one can run continuously for several days, the escapement to watch the clock frequency of accord with people "s concept, put the rudder or balance control the speed of the clock and timer (quarter) agencies to tell people: just now finally rang is a few the.

electronic watch. The basic part is composed of electronic components. The work principle of the electronic clock is designed according to the physical phenomenon of the electric magnetic and magnetic electric. From the electrical energy into magnetic energy, by converting magnetic energy into mechanical energy, driven by the minute when running, to achieve timing.

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