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Panerai 2001 Global Limited Edition chronograph


system built in 2001, a limited number of D1296/1500,, 400/Z movement, stainless steel case, case diameter 40 mm.

forecast price: 50000 – 30000 Hong Kong dollars

including commission price: 40000 Hong Kong dollars

< p > just came out during that time domestic table altar really crazy, then in Shanghai, Hang Lung Plaza Panerai stores, we in order to be able to buy a 183, competing queuing collar and later Panerai is some people jokingly referred to as the world’s most expensive ETA 6497. When you and friends joking, Panerai to continue to be successful, its product line must have a breakthrough,, otherwise sooner or later game over. Results Panerai really force, whether it is every year a limited, or late many self-produced movement, Panerai really is a "blockbuster" mean.

Panerai 2001 Global Limited Edition chronograph

This is 2001

Panerai Global Limited Edition, only 1500, is used in the automatic winding chronograph movement. The year is not put into production Panerai movement,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, so just enjoy the limited edition core modified version. Now, of course, the price of ordinary Panerai is becoming more and more rational, it eventually 4 million Hong Kong dollars price did not crazy when the shadow.

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