Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak series _ calendar edition watch watch _ auction _ fashion watch _

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Royal Oak series calendar edition watch

No. 25820, No. 192 anthracite dial, case No. C 28272, about 1997 in manufacturing.

stainless steel case, calendar, lunar month, hidden clasp, stainless steel.


: the estimated price of CHF

price including commission: 18750 CHF

Audemars Pigeut

version of the Royal Oak series calendar watch< br / > now auction market, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak almost every auction is not absent, but pure calendar version of the Royal Oak in the auction is not too much. On the whole,, the appearance of the Royal Oak hale and hearty, capable and calendar function of the "feminine", complex and not quite take, but through the design of the processing, white dial become effective transition,
Tudor watches, make originally complex disk shows become refreshing a lot. More than 12 price, very good.

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