The future achievements in science and technology of ceramic and metal composite material _

science and technology achievements in the future of ceramic and metal composite


high tech precision titanium ceramic

in Chanel before, but also never which a brand can rise to the color of the table and design,Breitling Watches, technology, process general sharp height, it is the industry’s first shot of pure white concept, in the Chromatic J12 high tech precision titanium ceramic table came out on the occasion, Chanel has once again focused its attention on the color of the table. The Chanel original silver, not with plating, coating or what other dyeing process to achieve, but from the material itself color source — gray titanium metal and ceramic luster, via the diamond polishing powder, so don’t worry have risk of scratch, fade, even by the years of erosion, also to timeless.

science and technology achievements in the future of ceramic and metal composite

WatchJ12 Chromatic

titanium ceramic, the use of high-tech precision ceramic manufacturing process, but also inherited the former hard and wear-resistant, light and beautiful, but it is spent on grinding and polishing time is 3 times the former. In order to make the j12 chromatic can present a more rich visual effects, Chanel in different parts of the table using the different process: the medial surface ring and central dial through the drawing processing, make the surface is full of texture; outer bezel, ear and link table is used to polishing process the emitting a fascinating gloss. As we all know,Glashuette Original Watches, high-tech ceramics can only be polished, can not be brushed (ceramic hardness is too high, with diamond wire drawing is not realistic),Chopard Watches, and titanium metal is just in turn (because of the titanium metal adhesion, a large piece of polishing will scratch), the two are in the process of defects. Chanel in the integration of them, but also to achieve the advantages and disadvantages of complementary.