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those with distinct personality characteristics of the table ring


circle, English called "bezel", jargon called "ring", commonly known as "table circle". Table circle and ring true, false circle, dynamic and static ring, and the inner side is called inner ring (professionals known as shadow ring, it can also and bezel separation), lateral called outer ring or ring.

< p > table circle not dial and pointer that is and watch the same day of; also unlike shell and table mirror is just carrying the pocket watch and; it is even not strap and table buckle as the essential, it appears than all of these appearance are even more late.

those with distinct personality characteristics of the table ring

< p > in the history and various large clock is, of course,
www.free4usale.com, no bezel, after the emergence of the pocket watch, because usually have a table cover,
www.24onhere.com, decorative and protective role, to do alone bezel didn’t what significance. To the first half leaf of 20 century, watches replaced the pocket watch,
www.heuer-breitling.com, with the watch design constantly refurbished, a called table circle of parts produced. It is mainly to the bold and the beautiful, to say from the structure table circle to which auxiliary role to watch, really can’t find out what (diving watch countdown circle except, but that is another story).