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century, the French royal family is highly praised the process, almost all the palaces, Royal furniture are used wood inlay process to decorate. The French emperor edict the wooden mosaic as the "Royal decoration". In Jerome Bouttecon25 inlaid wood process of career, award-winning: masters of the whole craft awards in the first,, global inlaid wood craft contest awards, he is the leader in this field. The cooperation with the clock is the highest difficulty of his own process a challenge.

< p > how to subdivide cutting the whole picture, how each small pieces of wood perfect merging together, smooth and seamless. This is great challenge to his own skills and hands. The rose is part of platinum by a platinum sheet pasted,
Blancpain Watches, and joinery inlaid picture add radiance and beauty to each other. Positive dial is gold engraving radial Guilloche patterns shine, by a layer of transparent enamel glaze will protect it. Open the lid and carefully crafted by the vaucher Hermes H1928 movement gracefully to walks out of time rhythm, and the inner surface of the cover sheet is hand polished fish scale pattern,, in the refraction of light is full of beauty of rhythm.