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The evolution of

inventory design (on)

first watch was born in flight competition

design change: as the difference with the circular watch, watch the birth of

square< p > in 1868, Hungarian distinguished lady made a gold watch, the table is currently known in the history of mankind’s first gold watch. Is this watch decorative means greater than the timing function, when the designer has never thought, pocket change to watch worn on the wrist, to at any time convenient to pay attention to the time, this will is human influence on how far-reaching changes.

< p > and in 1904, living in Paris of the Brazilian born adventurer Alberto Santos Dumont to complete 30 minute ride light aircraft around the centre of Paris flight around the initiative. But for the first time,, Dumnot was not successful, and he was 40 seconds more than the limit of 30 minutes. Obviously, the gap of 40 seconds is not enough to give up,, and Dumont also believes that this is because he is not convenient to pulling out his watch to time caused by the calculation. So he found his friend Cartier Louis, looking at the time when he was ready for the second challenge. Louis and Cartier found Edmond, two people together to create this watch out at that time. By 1911, decided to this name for the Santos wristwatch mass production launch, which became the true sense of the world’s first watch.

inventory evolution top watch design (on


Art Deco

watch achievement square

design change: watch square began to spread,

Sports Watch< p > can production is certainly very important, but Santos to become history’s first watch reason, still in it and watch and jewelry vote must be thoroughly. Because most of the initially called the watch is transformed from the pocket watch, and some simply is to watch directly tied to the wrist, appearance also is a rounded shell. And Santos, the four square shape design, so this table looks is no longer a pocket watch derivatives, have their own independent status and uses is the world watches new world.

along with the emergence of Santos, coupled with the rise of the geometric symmetry of the Deco Art, the square table a time quickly swept up. At the beginning of twentieth Century, almost every brand launched a square table with a self style. Among them, the most representative of the 1932 launch of the Reverso. As is known to all, the table is designed to be designed by the British military officer in India. The officers hope Jaeger LeCoultre can design a watch, in order for them to play polo did not for fear of watch damaged and distraction. At that time all of the table mirrors are made of glass, such as sapphire, crystal and so on.