Three Swiss ETA movement of the advantages and disadvantages of comprehensive evaluation [figure] _

7750 movement

in the history of the whole ETA, good core constant: ETA-7750 was originally called Valjoux, the company’s most famous Valjoux7750 core, and later due to the acquisition of Valjoux ETA, the classic Valjoux7750 will naturally be renamed ETA-7750.

< p > valjoux 7750 in 1974 published just started it only 17 stone design, later changed to 25 stone; after 1980s by ETA M & A has rarely valjoux this term, unless the movement in the 1980s was acquired before production to use the old name. ETA 7750 on July 1, 1974 came out and become proud of aircraft ETA. Over the years,
Breitling watch, common to the brand’s automatic chain timing stopwatch and complex functional form. Standard type 7750 with 17 ruby, 42 hours per hour, 28800 times per hour vibration, the use of one-way on the chain design, using the same as the principle of the same pointer type tuning device, and with a scale indicator, to facilitate the fine-tuning operation. Some people say that ETA- 7750 is Fools grow without watering. Do not know why, may from the process degree attentively 7750 is broad, but a truth is invariant: simple is durable, durable is reliable. ETA-7750 is such a time movement. ETA-7750 is a one-way chain of movement, I do not know why the ETA has not been changed to a two-way. There have been some discussions, the conclusion is that: "one way is more efficient than the two way." Until now did not understand the theoretical basis of this conclusion is what. And the fact that the problem of the chain efficiency of ETA-7750 is not high, is known to all of us. Sometimes it is a good thing but out of thin air will bring forth the new through the old, embarrassed.

Integrated evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of

three ETA


uses the push rod timing structure, simple, and easy to maintain. From the perspective of aesthetics, of course,, cannot be Bimei Lange 1001 (this and get Santana and Benz have why to distinguish) but from the timing function is indeed one of the best scheme. In the watch industry thanks to the presence of ETA-7750, because of it, more can produce chronograph watch factory. And can be removed from the development of the core of the core of all the charges. In addition, who all understand a truth: even you lots of throwing money into, it may not be the recreated to timing core more durable than ETA-7750. Here is the best strategy. What is the easiest way to identify ETA-7750? 6, 9, 12 o’clock position in the small cap of 99% of the time is ETA-7750, but it cannot reverse the,, if a block of the table wasn’t six o’clock, 9, 12 small cap, not said 99% is not ET>