Several processing methods [figure] watch water _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific wome

after the water has the following several methods:

< p > 1,, watch as water soaked, available with several layers of tissue paper or easy moisture absorption flannelette will form tight tight package, put in 40 Watt lights near bubble about 15 centimeters, bake for about 30 minutes, table water vapor can be moisture. Avoid by all means will watch the table close to the fire direct baking, lest the surface cast heat distortion.

, 2, Mengzhaonei table pan out,, anti worn on the wrist, you can eliminate the water after two hours. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send a table to wipe the oil, remove the movement of the water, to avoid rust.

3, with granular silica gel and has been put into a sealed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, the water is all gone. This method is simple and economic, the precision and life table were without any damage. After many times of water absorption of silica gel, can be dry for several hours at 120 degrees, water absorption capacity of renewable,, but also repeatedly used.

watches in the use of instruments to test the time, there are several important related indicators:

1, swing gap: watch in the full string and real walk two hours after the two state, respectively, to measure the 24 plane (surface and surface) and three vertical (the left, and the upper), the five position of the swing change, compared with the same position, the biggest difference between the two. Swing gap but also watches the performance of an important indicator to reflect the clockwork and gossamer and design and assembly quality, generally fall below 50 degrees.

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