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how to use the electronic school meter test?

< p > 1, the instrument must be connected to a regulated power supply, microphone must be kept away from the fluorescent lamp, motor and voice source, the instruments do not near the heat source (such as heating) and by sunlight exposure, the first of the power plug is connected to, and then open the power switch instrument, instrument should be grounded on the ground. Depending on the type of watch, choose a good instrument on the watch type, side set time, and the measurement range of the switch, press or dial it.

The preheating time of

2 and CQT–101 – type calibration table was 10 minutes, and the preheating time of QT-99 – type gauge was 20 minutes. Preheating time is less than the measurement is not allowed, the display value is constantly changing. If you use the power after the power, but also to re line preheat. Digital quartz watch glass for decentralization in the microphone, do not install in the bag,, don’t stick transparent protective film, pointer type quartz crystal watch glass oriented on put on the microphone, then you can use headphones,, sound the clearest position: the table machine fixed, can also watch mobile, until the instrument stable lights flashing so far. When the pointer type quartz watch is measured, the signal lamp is a flash of a second. When the signal. When the lamp is not stable, check the button switch to choose the right, as well as the place of the watch.