Electronic watch manual when the mountain people

        I was in the middle of the house to get the sound, but suddenly had no electricity, thought the plug was a problem,
www.timeonstore.com, to see the room to see the whole house is no electricity. On the radio, that is a small plane in the town took off, hit the transmission of high voltage electric tower, three people in the machine

I was at home upstairs to get the sound, but suddenly no electricity, thought that the problem of the plug, go to the booth to see only know the whole house is no electricity. Open the battery type radio, that is a small plane took off in the town, hit conveying high voltage tower, machine three people were killed, fortunately unmanned ground casualties, only houses fire. At this time the town residents are caught in a dilemma in the blackout.



watch when the "cave man, wife and me to come unexpectedly episode, confused at a loss. Usually make a cup of tea, coffee, not the power to be one thing,www.chronoonhere.com, if not, to know its value. I used to open the side door to garage bag, ready to go out and see, conveniently turn on the lights, a look at a garage or dark did he realize that power.


I talk with my wife, if we were the top hole, there would be no such a dilemma. I go out to play Yeshi, the wife in the hole chisel fire, cook. And there is no line,www.quartzsale.com, even if the power outage, one hundred percent will not bring to us. But now we are in a one hundred percent "online" structure, as long as one of the ring is bad, it affects the overall situation.


soon, the town has automatic telephone we save water, because there is no electricity, no way to use water pumps.


electronic watch, I think we are very fragile, but power outages, everything is not right.


hospital before and after the watering equipment is automatic, once the power interruption, the preset watering period will be chaotic good. As long as the modern equipment, but also a step by step according to the procedures set, in order to achieve the desired effect. Each label system is different, can not be directly on the machine find the right key, did not intuitive way to determine method, must go back to the original specification. On the old people, see these new things on a headache. Remember 30 years ago when a electronic watch, even the alignment time is a great learning. Later, with the machine, plug in power, and saw the 12:00 flash on the machine, the older generation are bored.

tourbillon4uwatchAfter more than a dozen hours of power outages, the radio is set to be fixed by the

. Manufacturers in order to save money, to the user in the remote control on the default button, the radio itself can not be used to set the program. My home remote control

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