Interpretation nine small language which employment situation is best

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; French, German, Italian,, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese,
Cartier watches, Korean and Arabic is in addition to English in China the audience’s nine foreign languages, they have a common name "little languages". This name may not be accurate, but I am very< p > French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Arabic in addition to English in China the audience’s nine foreign languages, they have a common name — "little languages", the term may not be accurate, but I like it very much, big is not always beautiful, small more let a person feel warm and have a sense of belonging.

luxury-free-store< p > some people learn a foreign language are out of personal preference, or in the school of foreign languages,, the proportion of men and women less disorders, and in the specific choice of a language when, in addition to loving, valued most employment situation is, especially to a when professional people, this is divided into two ten attention.


which small language of the employment form better? Answer to this problem is a very risky, who do not want others to put their own professional lightly; the so-called harmony in their row seating before, first to the collective praise, see two reports: < p


< br / > the first section is about the employment rate: CCTV 1 the Wen Chao world "of the Ministry of Education announced the scale of colleges and universities or professional 07 years of employment status, which involved 226 undergraduate majors, according to the employment situation for year 9 month graduating undergraduate course graduate first employment rate statistics, German, French, Spanish, ranking top 10.

luxury-free-store< p > the second is about the salary of: according to the "evening news" reported that in 2008, the survey showed, 10 undergraduate professional paid before, small language professional occupy the three, respectively is the monthly salary of the highest professional French, ranking third in the German professional and ranking ninth in the Japanese professional… This shows, small languages and electronic information majors in Chinese University Graduates’ salary structure spire.

luxury-free-store< p > reports is very gratifying, sounds very motivated and minority languages in the employment situation similar source in the channels of employment of similar, although there are many different in language structure, but in the channels of employment have a strong common, mainly concentrated in the following areas: luxury-free-store,< p > 1. Civil servants. University teachers 3. News media organizations 4. Foreign enterprises and Sino foreign joint venture enterprise. The provinces affairs. Foreign trade companies. Tourism company. Study training institutions 9. The culture of the company. Professional people.


finished Datong under small, small language forms of employment difference, mainly affected by the following three aspects: >

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