The female friend of Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger (Photos)

        feminine friend: Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger (Photos) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Jaeger Le Coulter Jaeger LeCoutre founded in in: 1833 founding location: Swiss Ru Valley (Vallé e de Joux) Jaeger Le Coulter watch brand history: founded in 1833 in the Swiss Jura Mountains Valley (Vallé e de Joux) since, Jaeger Le Coulter watch not only claim to champion traditional tabulation process, but also the precise timing technology and design of a pioneer. The concept of quality, innovation, excellent and exquisite workmanship, let Jaeger Le Coulter watches become the leader in the industry. 1833: in the field of science and technology pioneer Antoine LeCoultre (1803-1881) in the famous Vallé e de Joux watch valley; set up a workshop. 1844: instrument invented the world’s most accurate: millionths of a meter measuring instrument. 1847: the invention of lever type winding crown: no key can watch for the first quarter, the first reliable wind system and correcting time. 1907: launched the world’s thinnest mechanical movement. 1928: the invention of Atmos air bell. 1929: the launch of the world’s smallest mechanical movement. 1931: the introduction of legendary flip watch Reverso, for the industry in the legend. 1950: the introduction of the design for the professional Memovox alarm watch. 1958: the advent of Geophysic table. 1992: Jaeger Le Coulter developed Master watch the most stringent testing standards in 1000 Hours control one thousand hours of testing,
IWC Watches, to ensure that the Master Control series of accurate and reliable. 2004: World "creative" equipped with spherical Tourbillon movement watch Gyrotourbillon I. The complexity of the movement to establish a new model for the production of watches and clocks. As a fine watch spokesman, Jaeger Le Coulter watch has 40 full-time division and 20 cutting-edge technology, taking into account the details of each production, to develop superior watch. From the small world models to the multifunctional complex watch, and ultra-thin watches and Atmos constant air bell, the Jaeger Le Coulter watch to you the exquisite watch series. The intimate relationship between women and Jaeger Le Coulter temperament it out of the ordinary, is ideal for all women in pursuit of the image, as the crowd styled pace,, confident woman. It is a charming female avatar, with like nature itself — highest quality noble temperament,, is dedicated to personal ideal femininity. Women are the perfect example of Jaeger Le Coulter ladies watch like a mirror reflects the desire, emotion is vary from minute to minute, personal privacy watch. An elegant and reserved the elusive trait. No need to show off, still it attract.

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