Beijing where there is a discount Casio Heard in Beijing

        I heard that there is a discount of the Casio store near Zhongguancun,, Beijing. Do you know where it is? Originally wanted to buy on Taobao, but always feel not practical. Think this precious goods or face to face a good deal, even after the emergence of the problem that there is a discount in the vicinity of Zhongguancun, Beijing has a discount? Do you know where it is? Originally wanted to buy on Taobao, but always feel not practical. Feel the valuables or face to face transactions better, even if problems or to find the seller repairs, beg your views! Thank you! This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy version of the charges is not a coincidence, just yesterday I from them of the 550D-1A. I went to after-sales directly cut the chain, super cool ~ after-sales said no problem can be warranty (the United States), 700 to 800? ~ ~ but not convenient to leave their contact information, afraid you think I am advertising ~ (* *) hee hee…!!! About the position is good in Zhichun Road, the most important is the price of the table is true, after the need to find their!! Casio is one of Japan’s top three brands, and many years to the real function of the G-SHOCK watches are famous for the world. Casio represents the vitality, young, fashion, multi – functional brand image has been deeply popular. Casio Inc has always been a technology leader in the responsibility of peers,
watch4ufree, and there will be a breakthrough in technology over the years. High, refined, tip technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist chronometer, continuously improve the quality of development of wrist chronograph, long-standing Casio advocated the "wrist technology" spirit in China has also been able to follow and spread. The domestic watch exchange outlets now Tinghuo, good reputation and credibility is also quite high, there are various styles of brand. The landlord to Taobao search on watch exchange outlets have a look,
my-watchstore, the first one is.

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