My Casio sometimes the night light is sometimes not bright CASIO

        EF-562D-7AV Casio, bought 5.1 last night, light will be bright, but today is not bright. How to return a responsibility, need in bright light according to what Chinese English translation are not supported in this version, if necessary, please buy version of the charges to storage of light will be put under the light Casio EF-562D-7AV, 5.1 just bought, last night luminous lights,, but today is not bright the. How to return a responsibility, need in the glare of light? This version does not support Chinese English translation function, if necessary, please buy version of the charges to storage of light to put the lamplight illuminate, but kinetic energy if not in bright light so as not to damage the watch. The sun can be. If not, go to check it out. Now the watches are all used to store more light, since the light because of the use of materials for human and environmental harm, has become increasingly rare. Here is the Internet search, and I hope useful for you. The fluorescent powder (commonly known as noctilucent powder), usually divided into storage luminous powder and radioactive luminous powder two. Light induced energy storage luminous powder phosphor by natural light, fluorescent light,, UV irradiation,
watch4ufree, the light energy is stored, after the cessation of light exposure, slowly released by fluorescence, so at night or dark place can still see the light and duration as long as several hours to ten hours. With radioactive luminous powder, fluorescent powder in the incorporation of radioactive material, using radioactive substances emit ray excited light-emitting phosphors, the night luminous powder for a long time, but toxic and harmful pollution to the environment and other application that is to absorb light. And then to shine.

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