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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I want to know what kind watch points? Similar quartz electronic machinery, etc. Thank you Thank you first explain in detail the broad categories at a small free more specific explanation Thank you ~~~ This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version Press Fixed points I would like to know which classes watch? Similar quartz electronic machinery, etc. Thank you Thank you first explain in detail the broad categories at a small free more specific explanation Thank you ~~~ This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version Press the power source can be divided into mechanical watches and electronic watches two categories: mechanical watch: a common mechanical watch movement is 90-100 parts, more features have 1400 members of the movement, the energy of mechanical watches is a coiled spring leaf spring, spring energy stored push table machine work to achieve timing purposes. Mechanical watches can be divided into manual and automatic mechanical watches mechanical watches in two ways: (1) Manual mechanical watch: hand-winding movement, turn the crown, the energy distributed within the movement and push the spring watch operation. (2) automatic mechanical watch: self-winding movement driving force is to rely on the fly Tuo weight driven movement within production, while wearing the watch arm swing will drive flying tourbillon rotates, while driving to the inner winding watch on the chain. Mechanical characteristics: (1) When mechanical watches quartz watch to go with different mechanical watch second hand is uninterrupted away. (2) the mechanical watch movement complex error is larger (depending on the brand) when walking, movement Observatory error is small, less than one day with normal -4 / + 6 seconds. When mechanical error can not be accumulated to go, watch over a period of time required to debug (3) sophisticated, easy to use, the full winding can go more than 36 hours. (4) Movement long service life. ? (5) than the appearance of some thick quartz watch (depending on the brand), with some brands are very thin, but are generally manual mechanical watches. Electronic form can be divided into digital quartz electronic wristwatch, Analog quartz electronic watches and automatic quartz watches and solar-powered watch 1 digital quartz electronic watch: the piezoelectric effect and diodes mounted LCD display combining quartz watch, its function entirely by electronic components. 2. Analog quartz watch: Energy quartz watch from silver oxide button batteries, silver oxide button cells after the integrated circuit provides a specific voltage, by which the oscillation circuit and a quartz resonator by a quartz oscillator start-up, to form a resonance circuit source . After the frequency output from the oscillator circuit 32768 Hz electrical signal into the divider circuit 16 after dividing to produce a pulse signal 0.5hz, and then through the narrow pulse circuit output pulse signal into the drive circuit to amplify and form alternating bi-directional pulse signal to drive a stepper motor to rotate intermittently, and further promote the drive train, so hands accurately display the time. —– Batteries to provide energy, to ensure the normal operation of the circuit. —– Circuit portion provides stable frequency and power electrical pulses to rotate the stepping motor propulsion. —– x stepper motor to power the electronic device portion of the output is converted into mechanical energy. Drive train —– turn the motor output of mechanical energy transmitted to the second round of the rotation step by step, minute wheel, when the wheel, the wheel dial calendar. The hand drive mechanism —– rotation pointer indicates the time. —– Dial needle mechanism to adjust the time and calendar, Zhou Li, also has a stop seconds function. Features quartz watch: second hand when walking (1) quartz watch is a grid hop, travel time is very accurate, generally require monthly difference of 15 seconds, three-pin and two-pin two. (2) Movement in integrated circuit structure much simpler than the mechanical watch movement, assembly is very simple. (3) easy to use, no need to wear winding,, a battery is generally available 2–3 years. However, some quartz watch with a lithium battery, long life, available 7 – 8 years. (4) relatively inexpensive quartz watches (same brand models) than the mechanical watch, but some high-end brand quartz watch is expensive is because the brand is good, look good materials (18k gold or diamonds or precious metals),, good design, resulting in some quartz table mechanical watches is much higher than the average value. 3. Automatic quartz watch: set automatic mechanical watches and quartz watch advantages in one. It requires no batteries, the wearer can choose manual winding, can also choose to automatically charge. It’s an electronic device to make it go more accurate quartz, a month more to reach the degree of error of less than ten seconds. Its principle of operation is to produce energy inside the micro-motor driven into energy, so as to provide sufficient power for the quartz device table using fly stumble swing arm rotation drive table, and excess energy will be stored for future use miniature condenser . When the watch is fully charged continuous operation of more than nine days,
watch4ufree, and without the watch worn on the wrist. Currently, the Swiss Tissot and Seiko watch is more famous automatic quartz watch. The solar-powered watch works: First, through the solar wafer convert light energy into electrical energy, and the energy stored in reusable titanium lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the power to issue a pulse signal generated by the battery to the coil by the integrated circuit and generating a magnetic force to drive a stepper motor, the energy is converted into kinetic energy, promote and drive gears pointer to indicate the time, fully charged can run 40-180 days in the dark about the precise travel time, the rechargeable battery life of 10 years.

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