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        early time,
sunglasses4usale.com, I knew the Tianjin watch factory (the predecessor of the seagulls group).. I was watching the history of the whole clock.. According to records: as early as 1955,
my-watchstore, Tianjin as China’s light industry, one of the key city, developed the first Chinese domestic hand

was very early to know the Tianjin watch factory (the predecessor of the seagulls group). I was watching the history of the whole clock.. According to records: as early as 1955, Tianjin as China’s light industry, one of the important city, developed the first domestic watches in China. At that time, the Tianjin watch factory,watch4ufree, or the metal manufacturing plant called the national watch instrument metal manufacturing plant private joint venture. Only four simple lathe, bench drill, grinding machine and milling machine; only four experienced workers, is by virtue of a ultra strong will and confidence of the special time, abruptly movement of Sindacd reproduced successfully and made the first Chinese made watches. March 6th 1955, the workers daily first reported the exciting news, from then on, Tianjin watches factory as one of the main manufacturers of watches in China.

iwc watches< p > Seiko watch manual sea gull wrist: Chinese local luxury advocate, now, the once glorious National Brand restructuring renamed seagull group, smooth R & D production in China to produce their own watch three complex functions: ask three tables, perpetual calendar and Tourbillon table. Even, the tourbillon watch series, the birth of the world are very rare and difficult double tourbillon. As the world’s high-end complex mechanical watch market into Chinese blood, for the Chinese watch industry to win the attention of the world, to achieve "international watchmaking industry should seagull table" the grand ambitions! This is really gratifying. In the theme of the rise of several large clock auction today, the Chinese concept table is undoubtedly a hot spot. The complex function of Chinese themes clock boutique, in a few years the transaction prices are not a small increase in the price. I believe that in the overall external of poor economic conditions, to buy domestic products, in support of the Chinese nation industry, sense of responsibility for the nation, must be flowing in the blood of the Chinese people proud proud things.

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the people who have heard a little about the clock have heard of the word "the flywheel".. In fact, the flywheel is a very complex structure of the name, is a wonderful flower on the watch process. The design of gravity effect on mechanical movement can be eliminated, all over the world are only a few master the high technical level of the manufacturer to making and technologists must also master the fine and careful process. In a very small space, the weight of the parts is even less than a gram..

iwc watches< p > in 2003, the seagull table developed the first generation of Tourbillon: movement transmission form is a direct drive type, variable integrally rotary escapement speed adjusting device for eccentric balance wheel type, the supporting structure in the rotating frame of eccentric Tourbillon. By the wide attention of the market. After the set of seagulls

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