Flying Breitling

        flying breitling watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch was founded in 1884 and is one of the world’s top Breitling watches. There is a pair of wings of Breitling (BREITLING) from the date of birth and air together. Whether the product design or marketing means, Breitling and aviation "be closely related and mutually dependent". "Vivid image is the main key brand identity. Such as the NAVITIMER series, the circular flight sliding scale design, is an absolute concept of flight." BREITLING professional Chronograph (China) Limited General Manager Chen Fuqiang said, "the spirit of personal brand identity, and personalized table design, does have the advantage in the fierce market competition of mechanical watch." Chen Fuqiang think, in this everything required to have self style era, if not prominent features of traction consumer emotional identification, it can only be free between success and failure. Therefore the Breitling emphasis on three elements: the illustrious reputation (Prestige), functional performance (Performance) and innovation (Innovation). BREITLING is in this spirit to flight connection brand operation, very consistent, so that consumers feel the dream of flight. In Switzerland, the family of independent management watch company has a team of professional jet display team; has displayed in the America Flying Association Museum a Breitling dashboard witnessed the balloon in 1999 the world’s first round the world glory; 1941 was "sliding and rotating dial" invention patent brought revolutionary breakthrough for the function of the watch. Pilots use this watch can not only easily for multiplication and division, metric conversion, and can calculate the shuttle launch and landing speed and time; 1995 NATO requirements, Breitling has developed a have the survival function, built in 121.5 MHz micro transmission emitter multi-functional chronograph watch, "this table has been saved the lives of 18 people in the world." BREITLING professional chronometer (China) market Limited Sales Manager said. BREITLING or global only for the production of all styles provide the Swiss official Observatory certification brand watches. The annual production of 130000 watches Breitling has 2600 points of sale in the world, Japan the development of 200 dealers, in Hongkong there are 22, and formally entered China for only a year,, but in Beijing, Shanghai,, Shenyang, opened 8 stores. "Breitling brand price in the 1.55 million between. In China, we aim at customer is 25-40 years, have the dream of flying, love sports personality people, mainly to successful man." Li Hongye said, "some of the guests at the weekend to Shanghai to read EMBA,, by the way, will also visit to our store." Buy Breitling in China than foreign tax of 15%, but China’s stock is more, but the globe style have difference,, so even the foreigners like to purchase in china. The so-called "three words from the.

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