Rolex — entirely by hand carved

        Rolex — entirely by hand carved name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch "Rolex" predecessor "W& D" company. Rolex Rolex by the German Hans · Wyss Astoria with the British Davies in 1905 in Rolex Rolex Renton partnership. Rolex Rolex in 1908, wise Astoria in Switzerland La Schade Finn registered "Rolex" trademark, "W& D" thus changed to "Rolex". After nearly a century of effort, headquarters in Geneva Rolex company has with its 19 branch. With an annual output of around 450000 watches. Become one of the market share of very large brand watches. Hans · Wilsdorf was born in 1881 in a city of bavaria. In 1905, he and Davies named a British co founded the "Wilsdorf and David company" in London, watches and clocks began operating business. In July 2,, 1908, Wilsdorf registered a Rolex La Schade Finn in Switzerland (ROLEX) trademark. The world watches the industry from more than a luxury brand, and the emergence of innovation again milepost type. In 1914, the Rolex watch in a small British KEW Observatory issued by a grade certificate,, this is the authority on the clock accuracy Observatory the highest level of accreditation. This makes winning Rolex prices doubled after decades, Rolex has become synonymous with "exact". Interestingly, "Rolex" was originally used was a outstretched fingers of the hand, the implication of the brand table completely by hand carved. Now known as the crown of the registered trademark, is gradually evolved. Since the "Rolex" was founded, has set many world record of the history of watches and clocks. In 1926, one of the founders of the Wyss Astoria invented Rolex oyster waterproof watches and officially registered. The so-called oyster, oyster waterproof device that copy structure to. The following year, famous swimming women Miyuki Di wire across the English channel, wrist wear is the oyster waterproof sheet. The Rolex watch soaked in seawater for 15 hours and a quarter, but intact, astonishing. The matter at the time of the British "Daily Mail" front page news, known as "the tabulation technology’s great victory", "created has been that difficult to achieve a miracle". Since then, Rolex oyster waterproof watch popular in the world,, but also laid the Rolex company in the leading position of the watch waterproof technology. In 1931, Rolex produced later of be the rage "perpetual motion (PERPETUAL)" table, brings about a revolution in the watch industry. This automatic form the central axis of a pendulum thallium, can swing a slight wrist movements into power watches, thus no manual on the chain. This was recognized as the most accurate and reliable automatic chain technology watch. In 1945, Rolex invented the first automatic significantly more only "window on the world".

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