Panerai diving supremacy

        Panerai: scuba diving watch brand supremacy, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, Panerai sapphire watches in President Bonati’s eyes, watch a great sense represents a person’s philosophy of time and life view,, simple is the Italian life view. He thinks there is the existence of the United States in a simple, real content. White Nadi told "People Weekly times",, in the watch inside can have very complex parts, but for others, must let them feel the simple, easy, direct. Panerai table is the embodiment of this idea. Although the Panerai watch making history can be traced back to the early twentieth Century Florence store opening, but the first watch was in 1936, by the then Italy naval units a secret was established in the principal manufacturing. After twentieth Century, Panerai became the Italy Royal Navy official suppliers, for the production of high-tech and high precision of the most advanced products. In 1938 for the Italy Navy production Radiomir watch panerai. Pincushion watchcase large (47 mm diameter),, fixing strap watch ear, screw in crown, and in the bottom of the dark still visible at the dial, wrist watch equipped by Rolex supply manual winding mechanical movement. Function is very suitable for the need of wartime technology under water action. Manufacturing technology of early military product accumulation and military needs, make Panerai to became the first batch manufacturing of waterproof diving table. When human diving can only reach 15  m in time, Panerai diving table already can be as deep as 100 meters underwater. The waterproof function by using can make special lever device close to the table list crown crown ring, locked and perfect. Today, with a design inspired by the sea, Panerai will brand positioning for the sports, leisure in the field of high-end watches. Professional technical design style of Italy and Switzerland, so that each table has a distinctive brand style and excellent quality. The minimalist design military background create large dial Panerai, hit the mark by a fluke and should be of current sports fashion,, special crown design makes the brand identity to be accurately reveal the low-key, love sports and leisure Jessey Meng like Panerai very, in buy watches, "handsome, big, athletic Panerai often the preferred".

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