Longines table flag series of classic return

        Longines flag series of classic return to watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Longines table classic flag series since its launch in 1957, its unique elegant and exquisite watchmaking technology, has been praised by people around the world favor. The re launch of the flag series, retains all traditional characteristic, also added a more diverse selection: men and women dress watch, leather or metal bracelet, quartz,IWC PORTOFINO WATCHES, automatic or highly accurate calendar movement etc.. Return flag series will be able to meet the pursuit of elegant watch watch enthusiasts. Since its launch in 1957, Longines table flag series soon won attention from all over the world, as was the fashion index. Its delicate beautiful case with a Longines watch the famous L30 manual winding mechanical movement and L380 automatic winding movement, both of which can affect bear strong impact and shock and resist the magnetic field. Return flag series, not only uphold the fine tradition of the past, also opened a tide clock in the future, was really exciting. Add a new element, make the new flag series more in line with the customer’s taste in twenty-first Century. Longines watch design talent and test the duo Tiangong clock technology get confirm again. The merits of slender bright flag series uses the stainless steel manufacture, bright is dazzing. Table frame design uphold classical design flag series, round table surface of the groove on the detailed, table back engraved with the sail flag pattern or show the automatic mixing mechanical movement of the transparent crystal surface, is also very pleasant surprise,TAG HEUER watches, love. A white, grey or black three kinds of color producing surface decorated with unique moment,PATEK PHILIPPE COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, even has a large two pin or three pin options. In addition, the mini type styles all models are equipped with a calendar display window. A wide variety of flag series, can meet different people all over the world taste. The flag series has mini to men’s chronograph watch 5 different sizes and styles, unisex. Watch with leather strap or bright strip two choices, and with three folding type spring clasp, the consolidation of security. In the technical aspects of the flag series also rise above the common herd, except quartz movement or automatic mixing mechanical movement, more rarely introduced automatic mixing models of women, will be for the hobby watches ladies welcome. The flag series and more particularly to create automatic mixing chronograph watch,Replica watches for sale, watch the home to meet fans and enthusiastic pursuit of the traditional classic timepiece. Longines excel technology confirmed: highly accurate movement convergence excel and advanced technology, Longines created using highly accurate quartz movement to flag series above, temperature compensation function very exquisite plus (Thermo-compensation) system, every eight seconds automatically compensate temperature regulation, make the clock accuracy is greatly improved. Highly accurate movement (Very High Precision) can provide up to 1 years less than the time of 10 seconds, to ensure the accuracy of the time. Men’s highly accurate model even has a calendar function, can automatically adjust the leap year day until 2099. With the accumulation of rich experience in international markets and the banner system.

Lin Dan Hongkong to buy watches Ma Lin swept into the Olympic champion LV shopping champion

        Lin Dan Hongkong to buy watches Ma Lin swept into the Olympic champion LV shopping champion brand watches,IWC INGENIEUR WATCHES, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches 63 mainland Beijing Olympic gold medalist plus coaches, leading people is composed of the champion team, in yesterday afternoon the end of a three day visit to Hongkong after the trip,PATEK PHILIPPE GRAND COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, at night by boat arrived in the Macao Special Administrative Region, Macao’s chief executive He Houhua met with and gave a banquet in honor of. It is reported, the Olympic Games champion Hongkong trip schedule is very tight, they came to Hongkong three days before departure,TAG HEUER watches, only to get less than 2.5 hours of free time. While each champion is invariably seize the rare opportunity, have Shangjie to have a "shopping paradise" reputation is known as Hongkong launched a crazy shopping spree. Always cool and fashion quite some experience of the use of Lin Dan,Breitling watches, the afternoon of rest time arrived at the Tsim Sha Tsui a table for purchase brand watches. The opponent face has alone bell shooting champion Tully went to another table row, she in several world famous showcase ago stood for some time, pick a few paragraphs but ultimately did not sell to buy things. Table tennis champion Wang Liqin singing Ku Kui Kei professionals, popular in Hongkong and Wang a lot, yesterday he caught the last time to the electrical shop. The men’s singles gold medalist Ma Lin not only hit the ball well, shopping is also not to be outdone, he came to not far from the hotel directly after the French brand LV shop shopping spree, but soon carry bags, return fully loaded. It is said that this is he to give his girlfriend and my mother a gift, if we selected Hongkong for shopping champion, Ma Lin fully deserve. (LI)

The father of modern watchmaking Breguet Breguet

        the father of modern watchmaking brand: Breguet Breguet watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,TAG HEUER watches, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch       in 1747, the Swiss Breguet in Nashatai was born,PATEK PHILIPPE COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, he spent most of his time in Paris, life created countless great invention, he is active in every field in watchmaking, a series of breakthroughs that his career has been climbing on the peak,Replica Patek philippe watches, such as Bell spring improvement of automatic table, with the invention of the bell; and shock proof device and so on; and simple design of the neoclassical more to surprise. In 1823, Breguet’s death, his descendants also many masterpieces. In modern times, Breguet fifth generation sun made in the fifty’s has the function of time returning to watch. Scientist Einstein and writer Tchaikovsky Chi was a loyal users. Many people call the Breguet table for " Wang, " said Breguet is " the father of modern watchmaking, is to a proper extent of ". The history of the world celebrities such as king Louis sixteen, the French queen Marie Anthony. Tsar Alexander I, the British Queen Victoria, British Prime Minister Churchill, William I of Prussia, until American Secretary of state Dulles, although each other in the same period, but have a common link,Breitling watches, that is all for Breguet table like. Breguet company website update is very slow, but if you want to understand the development history of Breguet, still can go to see, the development history is the development history of modern Breguet watchmaking. Registration: Swiss http://www.breguet.com website

[watch] watch maintenance use and maintenance skills

        available in several layers of toilet paper or hygroscopic flannel table tight tight package, to remove the moisture in table two law watch as being saturated with water. On the 40 watt bulb, near ca. 15 cm, bake about 30 minutes, remove water vapor can be in the table. The watch is water

is available in several layers of toilet paper or hygroscopic flannel table tight tight package,       surface moisture in the two methods to eliminate   1. Watch as being saturated with water. On the 40 watt bulb, near ca. 15 cm, bake about 30 minutes, remove water vapor can be in the table. The watch is water vapor, table,www.greatsalewatch.com, can be Mengzhaonei pan outwards, anti worn on the wrist after, after two hours will be moisture elimination. If the table water too much, must open watchcase scrub. As they deal with is not big, should be timely repair.   watch simple anti-corrosion method   soap daub on the metal shell of the table, and then cloth to wipe clean, can prevent sweat erosion.   watch variable law;   watch on if there are scratches, can be coated with a little toothpaste, and then use a cotton ball and wipe back and forth,http://www.chronoonhere.com, watch will be bright as new.   magnetic treatment; watch   watch once affected by magnetic, will affect the accurate. Elimination method is very simple, just find a without magnetic iron hoop, the table placed in the ring, slowly to wear to wear, a few minutes later, the watch will demagnetization recovery. Www.biao168.com


      watch the service life and the wearer will correct use and maintenance of the watch on. This paper will introduce the basic knowledge of maintenance watch. Www.biao168,timeonhere.com.com

       ,   waterproof watches; www.biao168.com

or the great changes in temperature in the use environment. Because the waterproof rubber ring is affected by temperature will appear gap and accelerating aging and cause water and table appeared in condensate water, thermal expansion and contraction of       watch waterproof rely on a sheet of glass, a back cover, a waterproof rubber ring at the other table to achieve the corresponding standard. Any FangShuiBiao shoulds not be wearing to wash a hot bath, sauna. Serious will make parts damaged. A waterproof rubber ring watch and table   embedded waterproof ring) are changed periodically according to the use of to. Quartz watch at each change the battery should be replaced at the same time waterproof parts,/www.heuer-breitling.com, in order to ensure good waterproof performance.   www.biao168.com

      two,   travel time error   www.biao168.com

quartz watch about 15 seconds per month. The pointer type quartz two needle table in time to set aside one minute. Because the dial >

How to use and maintain the plated band

        use gold watchband, if not pay attention to maintenance,Hublot watches for sale, strap will soon fade, some even the whole color, very ugly. Domestic plated band gold plated layer usually only 0.0003 mm. So, how to protect the thin gold layer? In the summer of 1, at any time


      use gold watchband, if not pay attention to maintenance, strap will soon fade,http://www.timesaleon.com, some even the whole color,IWC, very ugly. Www.biao168.com

      domestic plated band gold-plated layer typically only 0.0003 mm. So, how to protect the thin gold layer? Www.biao168.com

      in the summer of 1, always there will be corrosive to wipe the sweat and dirt, sweat is big,tag heuer watch, list pick the best or not using plated band. Www.biao168.com

      2 to avoid the strap and the rough sharp objects friction, also should avoid strap stress and not let the rain and wait. Www.biao168.com

      3 if the strap plated layer off, should be re gilded. Www.biao168.com

[maintain] watch carefully protect your jewelry table

        also be used as beautiful jewelry, jewelry table is not only the timing tool. Let you shine. Generally, most often choose jewelry jewelry table is nothing more than diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearls… And so on, among which the most popular diamonds, diamond

also be used as beautiful jewelry,       jewelry table is not only the timing tool. Let you shine. Generally, most often choose jewelry jewelry table is nothing more than diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearls… And so on, among which the most popular diamonds, diamond quality has great relation to the jewelry table, when the choice can not be careless, while 4C can be used as the reference of choose and buy. A 4C carat (Carat clarity (Clariti color (Colour and Turner (Cut carat refers to units, weight per carat diamond is 100 points, this is 4C the most likely to be decided by but the two weight the same diamond, but will be very large because of color and Turner purity, depending on the value of effect of. Most of the diamond will have the connotation of tiny, but this does not affect the connotation of diamond beauty, just connotation matter less, smaller, lower effect on the light penetration in the diamond in the shining light, more beautiful, so many senior jewelry table often claimed that the diamond grade FL flawless) IF internal flawless) containing VVS1/VVS2 contents in the tiny, naked eye cannot see) refers to the clarity of a diamond. Color is of course more colorless, more easy to let light penetration, and to crown emits rainbow colorful color. Diamond cutting plane Turner refers to, no matter what kind of shape, as long as the cut is exquisite,/www.heuer-breitling.com, can condense the light more light, more reflective, become Art beats nature. masterpiece.

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this table insert method for clamping claw inlay, inlay, nail set mix



is more beautiful jewelry,breitling-heuer.com, but need your careful and gentle care, can often protect the shine like new. Full of mechanical refined beauty of the mechanical watch, has many is the best choice for men, while jewelry table is the ladies love most, but time is constantly changing, more and more men choose to wear jewelry table, more and more women love mechanical watches, gender and watches are the stereotypes do not exist only constant to love table careful care of       jewelry table is not only the timing tool. Especially the need to treat gently jewelry table. Www.biao168.com

Cartire million diamond necklace debut Cannes (map)

        Cartire million diamond necklace debut Cannes (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,PATEK PHILIPPE COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, mechanical watches,Replica watches, ultra-thin couples watches,Replica watches for sale, quartz watches,Breitling watches, sapphire watch 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> extravagant love for nearly ten years the world’s top jewelry brands Cartire and Italy star Monica Bellucci knot. 640) this.width=640; " vspace=10 border=0> France in May 17th, the Italy star Monica Bellucci wearing Cartire noble platinum and diamond necklace and a round sapphire and diamond in the world of the fifty-ninth session of Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony and Cartire global president Bernard a share the wonderful moment.

PANERAI8 GMT Ferrari watch on refining

        PANERAI8 GMT Ferrari on refining watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,PATEK PHILIPPE COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches show superb strength two professional fields, in addition to form a partnership with PERREGAUX to launch many memorial watches, FERRARI again to cooperate with PANERAI, to commemorate and located in the Maranello world famous car factory cooperation, especially to build the 8 day refining GMT Ferrari watch,Replica Vacheron constantin watches, whether it is installed inside the movement or appearance are absolutely stand the game player who test. In order to sing the praises of the Italian FERRARI famous sports car brand immortal legend, PANERAI and for the first time in the series watch uses first homemade Cal.2002/2 manual winding movement.   PANERAI Radiomir  8  Days  GMT watch with Cal.2002 movement, and this 8 refining GMT Ferrari watch is equipped with Cal.2002/2 manual winding movement with Cal.2002 core based, is entirely in Switzerland Neuchatel (Neuchatel) table the factory to design, manufacture and assembly,TAG HEUER watches, a total of 3 clockwork spring box, storage capacity to support the power up to 8 days. In addition, this Cal.2002/2 core also have "zero" means the time setting system,IWC PORTUGAISE WATCHES, small second hand in the crown pulled out immediately after the auto zero, so that the wearer can more accurately when the school.   black veliger always brings out the perfect color rose gold. Pincushion watchcase design brand-new appearance inherited the PANERAI launched in the 1930′s, the nine o’clock position small seconds disc is provided with a red / black night show, three o’clock with date display, the six o’clock position and to automobile oil meter indicator for the design concept of the 8 day long power reserve display windows, and at twelve o’clock to symbol at the glory of the FERRARI  Logo embellishment, fully show the beauty facial disc configuration design.  

Vacheron Constantin 250 years makes classic elegance

        Vacheron Constantin 250 years makes classic elegant watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,Hublot watches for sale, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Vacheron Constantin annually produces more than 2 watch. Just as OPEC crude oil output restrictions so as to raise the price of oil. Of course, Vacheron Constantin and OPEC are different. Crude oil is the mass consumer goods, Vacheron Constantin is a noble art.           Jean Mare Vacheron Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1775, has a long history, the founder of Vacheron Constantin is the philosopher · · Mark; Washlon (Jean MarcVacheron), Rousseau and Voltaire are good friends. The establishment of the world’s first watch factory, started manufacturing quality and elegant watch. Today these clocks still engraved with his name. This tabulation factory is the predecessor of Vacheron Constantin. Subsequently, Vacheron Sun Zihe Francos Constantin work together, watch factory name changed to Vacheron Constantin — is today Vacheron Constantin watch factory name, two people have long-term goals, including: the design quality, excellent excellent and elegant taste. Worth seeing is Vacheron Constantin has spent 250 years — is the most important Swiss watchmaking industry,http://www.24onhere.com, no matter still today in the past, Vacheron Constantin has always play an important role in the history of the Swiss watch industry.           thus to the end,tag heuer watches, when the introduction of Vacheron Constantin are permeated with elegant taste and exquisite workmanship. The beauty and the pursuit of science and technology more allow all doubt; the constant images that Vacheron Constantin made a solid position in the watch market. Vacheron Constantin high international reputation from the commitment to customers,/www.heuer-breitling.com, creating unique extraordinary watch, to not less than five hundred pieces of hand made parts of the Grande Comolication watch, play no less than fifteen kinds of function; witness the quality assurance process for excellence in Vacheron Constantin. A large watch from philosophy attic family from formation to development, and be handed down from age to age more than two centuries, Vacheron Constantin vitality is amazing. In 1775, the young philosopher let · Mark · Washlon (JeanMarcVacheron) for the study of philosophy, in the watch industry, established the world’s first watch factory. As Rousseau and Voltaire’s good friend, one of the 800 craftsmen also when Swiss watch technology by day, Washlon with its excellent quality, quality elegant limited products, quickly won the favor of the nobility of France and Italy. Vacheron Constantin’s global marketing director Julien attempts to explain the relationship between the watchmaker and philosopher:".

OMEGA OMEGA disc flying super constellation in the latest series of classic wrist

        OMEGA OMEGA disc flying super constellation in the latest series of classic watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,Vacheron Constantin watches, sapphire watches ultra-thin watch, fashion black dial, digital and scale change pointer, high-quality Swiss mechanical movement,breitling watch, anti attrition sapphire crystal mirror. The stainless steel metal light show personality taste basics, sweeping away the rigid image….. Other simple elegant dish fly series has been loved by celebrities Yashi,http://www.24timesale.com, dial with Alabai digital design (only with even display),www.chronoonhere.com, give the watch strong time taste " " black, white, and then replace the old yellow, silver dial, make this series table section integral collocation is stronger. [name of commodity]:OMEGA OMEGA disc fly series of classic watch black spot 4800.50.01 [commodity model]:4800.50.01 [brand]: OMEGA   [commodities popular]:118 people browse [price]: $13000 [price]: RMB 9500 / delivery state: normal [name of commodity]:OMEGA OMEGA disc fly series of classic watch Black 4810.50.01 spot [commodity model]:4810.50.01 [brand]: OMEGA   [commodities popular]:88 people browse [price]: $0 [price]: RMB 7500 / delivery state: normal [name of commodity: OMEGA OMEGA latest series of elegant 4831.32.31 spot [commodity model]:4831.32.31 [brand]: OMEGA   the popularity of]:90 people browse commodity; [[price]: $0 [price]: RMB 17800 / delivery state: normal [name of commodity]:OMEGA OMEGA constellation series of quartz men’s watch 1512.31 spot [commodity model]:1512.31 [brand]: OMEGA   [commodities popular]:84 people browse [price]: $0 yuan [price]: RMB 10500 / delivery state: normal [commodity]: OMEGA sea mohair The cosmic coaxial mechanical men watch chronograph 2218.50.00 [commodity model]:2218.50.00 [brand]: OMEGA   [commodities popular]:208 people browse [price]: $48500 [price]: RMB 36000 / delivery state: normal [name of commodity]:OMEGA OMEGA Speedmaster calendar Olympic collection table 3516.20.00 spot [commodity models]:3516.20.00 [brand]: OMEGA   [commodities popular]:93 people browse [the market price often