American RGM open independent tabulation Road

        RGM American open independent watchmaking brand road watch, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

1969 years RGM published the first gold American producing mechanical movement, and also announced in the Lancaster town of Pennsylvania state (here was born many famous America watch brand) homemade case. In fact, USA local watchmaker generally from the Eurasian procurement case and other parts, only a few USA Manufacturers Association in the local procurement of parts. RGM is currently the only one using American USA watchcase, watch brand American movement. sevenfriday watch replica

                case RGM is the first self-produced in 151 series,, and later 151P and 151E use RGM produced from the case. Now, RGM is promoting its first homemade titanium watchcase watch,, also 151 series. The next step,, case RGM will develop a 42 mm, to match the self-made manual movement of Caliber 801. sevenfriday watch replica

                RGM is proud to walk on the road of independent tabulation, and for domestic brands and proud! sevenfriday watch replica

Wear a watch to radar need not worry about the child lost

        wear a watch to radar need not worry about the child lost watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch any parents would tell you,, please take the child to open theme park, may like to catch those who let people frightened recreational facilities is the same as be very upset.   but the new high-tech watches and tracking device, which can make you feel more like Disney’s theme: "it really is a small world."   Hyland  Hills  visited Colorado state; Water  World; tourists, since the amusement park Memorial in the National Memorial Day launched wireless device, the first try of visitors.   family could each costs $three to rent the watch, to record each other in the amusement park location.   Dan  ParkWatch supervisor in Mali Lanzhou; Tomlinson said: "every hire the service of tourists, will get a small watch of a transmitter." The company Silicon Valley companies through the WhereNet technology and develop the service.   "this device will put its identification number is transmitted to the antenna is located in the park around,, the computer will measure these information transmitted, to calculate the visitors in the park in the position." The information will be displayed on the electronic map marked on the Hyland. In the sixty-four acre park, a total of six information station layout. The watch can be traced in ten miles within the visitors.   Hyland  Water  Park; because of; not only has many small hill, and the road is very narrow,, so it is a test for the technology reliability and signal a perfect place.   Park spokeswoman Joanne  Dobbs said that so far, the effect of good.   Dobbs points out, "if you tried once, the next time you do not want to do not have the service of the amusement park. It is very popular. The $three investment can let parents through this equipment to obtain peace of mind."   tourists each day about 6% using this service, but they expect the July 4th holiday weekend there will be more people to try.  

Tudor new sports series (Figure)

        Tudor new sports series wrist watch (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   although time is eternal,, but changing timepiece always makes us Jin Jin tao. As of April this year, the new product two major Swiss Watch Fair on. Mechanical precision metal dignified temperament, light, flashing noble jewelry, classic style and today will be the years outstanding science and technology mixes, moments that make people have a sense of vertigo. Tudor Tudor new sports series         Tudor multifunction timepiece new, vitality, fashion and vitality, and set designed for some trust in your own taste,, through design and multiple functions demonstrate the performance determination performance.       button, the crown, the activities of the outer ring, bracelet, makes this new style more comfortable in wearing and use and convenient.       through a variety of innovative details, including with the color,, the material,, the minor component labeling and striking surface pattern, so each table are prominent personality. Each motion series multifunction timepiece are assembled through a number of test automatic winding mechanical movement, to ensure accurate and reliable, and can be waterproof as deep as 150 meters.

LV launched the Tambour Mysterieuse transparent table

        LV launched the Tambour Mysterieuse transparent table watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch last month, Louis Weedon has just launched its new series Tambour Mysterieuse – can be said to be the most complicated watch transparent table. Core LV this watch dial 115 suspended in the central,, magic and mystery. The 8 day 8 hour power reserve for this form promoted senior watches a lot of extra points. Watchcase with platinum, gold or platinum building,, 42.55 mm in diameter size, suitable for both men and women wear. Each Tambour Mysterieuse basically takes 1 years to make,, basically can be said to be personalized custom –

ST Dupont lighter

        ST Dupont lighter watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Simon Tissot-Dupont founded ST Dupont in 1872, focused on the manufacture of high quality leather and bag. In 1920, he will ST Dupont to his two sons,, Lucien and Andre,, the senior travel box and accessories as the main product, the ST Dupont international reputation. But in the 40′s, due to the world wars, in order to solve the customer continuously reduced and material shortages, Andre proposed to make gasoline lighter, lighter S.T.Dupont’s first patented in 1941, ST Dupont lighter quickly fame, lighter eventually become the leading product ST Dupont. Rectangular lighter beautiful shape,, size design size fits the finger movements,, when turned on will be issued a crisp " and " a sound, gradually become a status like syndrome, ST Dupont became the world famous lighter manufacturers. ST Dupont lighter started enamel on shell with a layer of very beautiful.

The new OMEGA series NZL in New Zealand

        OMEGA new series NZL watch brand in New Zealand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, with sapphire watches back OMEGA and American cup competition, mainly through the late New Zealand captain Peter. Sir Blake (Sir Peter Blake), funded in 1995 and the specified providing New Zealand sailing team wearing OMEGA hippocampus chronograph watch. So OMEGA followed in 2000 and 2003 respectively for major world yacht racing USA Cup Sailing Competition official designated time. OMEGA continue to sponsor retirement Peter. Sir Blake’s environmental navigation plan. OMEGA has continued to sponsor the New Zealand team (Emirates Team New Zealand), OMEGA is the team out of watch wearing match specified. This year in thirty-second American cup,, 17 New Zealand team members wearing OMEGA new hippocampal NZL-32 chronograph watch. The table in paragraph mainly for the team to participate in the regatta and design,, and to New Zealand team to participate in the America cup thirty-second tournament named NZL-32. Taiwan Swatch Swiss Watch Company Limited General Manager Huang Kongxiang said, in particular, in the New Zealand NZL-32 chronograph watch except due to name names,, but by the New Zealand team captain, i.e. the OMEGA ambassador – Dean Burke to participate in the design. Dean Burke is an aspiring and full of enthusiasm and vitality of the athletes, invited to the New Zealand team vessels at the helm in 2000 USA Cup Sailing Competition, have since become a member of the team loyalty, and in 2003 joined the rank of captain. More… "In New Zealand NZL-32 timing performance watch" is designed for sailing cup Regatta countdown timer. Master race start time is an important task of the captain, because he must be responsible for adjusting the sailing position, put the boat in the first 10 minutes after the fire as soon as possible through the starting line (the line will advance was found guilty by the starting line), said the game began. Therefore, this watch with special emphasis on the captain and crew in the sailing competition before important demand – 10 minute "Regatta countdown" performance. The performance by the 5 circle calibration point on the dial to the official before the start of the 10 minutes, a calibration point represents 1 minutes. When the timer button, the 5 calibration points will with the passage of time from black to blue, after 5 minutes from blue to red,, to remind participants, really grasp the sailing time to seize the initiative. In addition, this section in addition to performance design for the regatta countdown, also have to be accurate timing measurements to 1/8 seconds. To be precise timing, of course, you must have a good movement, OMEGA hippocampus USA Cup Racing chronograph watch with high accuracy of the OMEGA 3602 automatic movement smelting, power storage of 40 hours, case diameter 42.2 mm. Mix and match the polishing and matte stainless steel case, with arc type anti reflective, anti attrition sapphire crystal glass surface, by screwing in bottom Gai, can ensure the waterproof deep buckle

The classic symbol of the time in the world (Photos)

        classic "symbol of the time in the world" (Photos) name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

on the staff, the black "tadpole" weave the chapters of life for human beings.

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notes, is the symbol of music! sevenfriday watch replica

on paper, pen writing people human emotions, to record a long history. sevenfriday watch replica

text, is the national cultural symbol! sevenfriday watch replica

and never stop running time? sevenfriday watch replica

it’s the minutes and seconds to record the time, with metal carve time,

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they are time symbol, time and time again humans to create brilliant. sevenfriday watch replica

how much you know about time? sevenfriday watch replica

in fact time not just those always follow the traditional orbit, minutes and seconds. sevenfriday watch replica

if you pay attention,, time of the world equally exciting, here is full of all kinds of strange, weird,, full of fragrance of the classic symbols of art. sevenfriday watch replica

"GMT" easy control of two time

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GMT, it often appears in the watch for the sign, like playing with the "time" is no stranger to the people, to see it naturally know watches is to time zone function as the main. GMT is the actual Greenwich Mean Time acronym, translated as the Greenwich standard time, this is the January 1, 1885 the formal implementation of the time zone of the world standard, and we see today in the watch "GMT" represents two of the function. sevenfriday watch replica

look at pointer GMT, it is the time zone function of the family patriarch level table section,, from birth has gone through a hundred years of history, but in such a watch, can not say very representative of Rolex (ROLEX),, classic styling and accurate travel time of people, still two when watches stroke >

Tissot (Tissot) Star Limited Edition watch appearance

        (Tissot) the limited edition watch Tissot watches brand star debut, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

Tissot (Tissot) Star Limited Edition watch at

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recently famous watch brand Tissot them for British soccer star Mike · Erwin to create limited edition watch to Beijing. sevenfriday watch replica


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? Erwin limited edition watch in 10 position dial printed with special number "10",, the representative of Erwin in the England national team jersey number; table on the rear lid bears Erwin’s signature and the limited number of independent,, the wristwatch global only issued 4999.


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  sevenfriday watch replica

  sevenfriday watch replica

square design using the wristwatch, full of tension lines and contours,, dimensions big and bold; it style hale and hearty, has the movement breath, energetic. Function button Chronograph Watch – square system and timing disc smooth lines, highlight the geometry of its high-profile and design sense. It also uses silver dial, with polished steel strip,, 10 position ingeniously designed a special number "10" on behalf of Erwin in the England national team jersey number. Table cover engraved with Erwin’s signature and the limited number of independent, the wristwatch global only issued 4999.

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features: sevenfriday watch replica

waterproof depth of 100 meters /330 feet /10 a standard atmospheric pressure sevenfriday watch replica

ARCH ANTI sapphire crystal glass table mirror sevenfriday watch replica

316L high-quality stainless steel watchcase sevenfriday watch replica

316L high-quality stainless steel strap, belt button type folding buckle sevenfriday watch replica

sevenfriday watch replica silver dial


Rolex — entirely by hand carved

        Rolex — entirely by hand carved name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch "Rolex" predecessor "W& D" company. Rolex Rolex by the German Hans · Wyss Astoria with the British Davies in 1905 in Rolex Rolex Renton partnership. Rolex Rolex in 1908, wise Astoria in Switzerland La Schade Finn registered "Rolex" trademark, "W& D" thus changed to "Rolex". After nearly a century of effort, headquarters in Geneva Rolex company has with its 19 branch. With an annual output of around 450000 watches. Become one of the market share of very large brand watches. Hans · Wilsdorf was born in 1881 in a city of bavaria. In 1905, he and Davies named a British co founded the "Wilsdorf and David company" in London, watches and clocks began operating business. In July 2,, 1908, Wilsdorf registered a Rolex La Schade Finn in Switzerland (ROLEX) trademark. The world watches the industry from more than a luxury brand, and the emergence of innovation again milepost type. In 1914, the Rolex watch in a small British KEW Observatory issued by a grade certificate,, this is the authority on the clock accuracy Observatory the highest level of accreditation. This makes winning Rolex prices doubled after decades, Rolex has become synonymous with "exact". Interestingly, "Rolex" was originally used was a outstretched fingers of the hand, the implication of the brand table completely by hand carved. Now known as the crown of the registered trademark, is gradually evolved. Since the "Rolex" was founded, has set many world record of the history of watches and clocks. In 1926, one of the founders of the Wyss Astoria invented Rolex oyster waterproof watches and officially registered. The so-called oyster, oyster waterproof device that copy structure to. The following year, famous swimming women Miyuki Di wire across the English channel, wrist wear is the oyster waterproof sheet. The Rolex watch soaked in seawater for 15 hours and a quarter, but intact, astonishing. The matter at the time of the British "Daily Mail" front page news, known as "the tabulation technology’s great victory", "created has been that difficult to achieve a miracle". Since then, Rolex oyster waterproof watch popular in the world,, but also laid the Rolex company in the leading position of the watch waterproof technology. In 1931, Rolex produced later of be the rage "perpetual motion (PERPETUAL)" table, brings about a revolution in the watch industry. This automatic form the central axis of a pendulum thallium, can swing a slight wrist movements into power watches, thus no manual on the chain. This was recognized as the most accurate and reliable automatic chain technology watch. In 1945, Rolex invented the first automatic significantly more only "window on the world".

Eternal durable — radar table

        eternal durable — radar table watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1997,, radar table company celebrates its 80 year anniversary. After forty years as a watch core suppliers, the company in 1957 to radar table brand name to launch the first watch series. In 1962 the first made of hard metal, never wear oval drill catalog, then lay the foundation for the successful story of extraordinary. When other brands are still using gold, silver, copper,, this kind of traditional material, radar model first used the "future" of the material, such as hard metal, high-tech ceramics and sapphire crystal. And always adhere to the development of a combination of design and materials watches, the watch as a dual function of a modern jewelry and timer. Because the watch itself can best represent their uniqueness, and highlights the out of the ordinary way of expression of the brand. Design time, and go down to posterity value — radar table will be time and the design of the best interpretation, and the perfect combination of both, giving it a go down to posterity value. Trying to make the appearance and function of the watch melt with each other harmoniously,, to create lasting and durable material beyond the time table is radar table creation goal. Behind this conviction, depends on manufacturing, advanced processing technology and the modification of the world’s most hard material technical support. So even if the eternal mystery of nature cannot and put on a par with, however, each branch of radar table certainly a long-term evergreen trait, because manufacturing radar table material is tungsten titanium alloy, ndelible is not easy to wear shuttle in space with sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics and sparkling high-tech diamond, let us hear about them the immortal legend of quenching. In 1962, radar table to tungsten titanium alloy revolutionary, created the world’s first is not easy to wear watches shake table altar. Tungsten titanium alloy is a kind of metal binders and with titanium tungsten and carbonization carbide as raw material made of hard materials, surface of the hard material can make the tungsten titanium alloy is smooth and bright, mechanical stability and binders are given a high. Making radar table tungsten titanium alloy process is quite complicated, must first to 1000 bar pressure to tungsten carbide and titanium carbide powder is pressed into the blank, and then in a special furnace with high temperature sintering temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius, after multiple processes, and diamond powder grinding, and finally to the formation of surface glittering. Tungsten titanium alloy is dark gray, but the radar table by chemical vapor deposited method and physical vapor deposition method of two kinds of coating process for coloring, tungsten titanium alloy and nondestructive its luster and antiwear properties. Radar table tungsten titanium alloy existing gold and black two colors. The near future, people will find that always dream of perfect watch, originally is the radar table. The brand has been perseverance, diligently in every detail, to perfect the performance time. The attraction? Because watch dazzling bright, sparkling, aroused interest? Is fascinated by the unique design of a model? Or is it the hardest global material has its charms, and technology superb radar is more love at first sight.